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How to Get Married at San Francisco City Hall – New Guide
If you’re in the throes of planning a wedding and your budget is getting you down, you’ll want to keep watching.
It’s crazy how fast the costs add up when planning a wedding. The venue, the food, the entertainment, the ceremony; it’s all too much to handle!
Have you ever considered getting married at City Hall? In SF especially, a courthouse wedding lets you get married without having to break the bank.
If spending tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding sounds like a bit much, you’re right. It is.
The best thing about having a City Hall wedding in San Francisco is that the building itself is gorgeous.
The white-washed marble and gilded bronze make for beautiful, classy wedding shots, especially if you hire the right photographer.
The team at IQphoto has done numerous SF City Hall weddings and knows the ins and outs of the building like the backs of their hands.
When you hire IQphoto, you can rest assured knowing your special day will be photographed to the highest possible standards.
Imagine what you can do with all that leftover cash you’ll have if you choose a City Hall wedding instead of a traditional ceremony?
Wouldn’t you rather spend all that extra money on your honeymoon? Or that house renovation you’ve been wanting to tackle? Yeah, we thought so.
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