SolanaSphere Launches Solana Network And Blockchain News Site With NFT-Airdrop In December 2022

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Are you familiar with Solana?
No, not really?
Well, SolanaSphere can help you out with their focus on news and education about the Solana Blockchain, Coin and Network.
SolanaSphere celebrates the launch of its News service
by giving away a free Non-Fungible Token – in short called NFT.
The event will take place from 1st to 24th December 2022.
Receiving a Solana NFT is the first step in getting ready for the adventures of Web3.
Silke Brand, founder of SolanaSphere says:
“We want to create a sense of belonging.”
The team knows that it is difficult to keep up with everything going on in the Crypto Space.
They strive to provide their readers with everything Solana in one centralized place with daily published news.

The service analyzes in-depth the developments in the Solana network and covers current events, historical context and educational resources.
The mission is to help everyone understand the Solana Technology with reliable, unbiased crypto news on a user-friendly, accessible platform.

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