South Jordan Eye Specialist Offers Outpatient LASIK Surgery For Astigmatism

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If you’re an adult who can’t see straight, either a) you’ve had one too many martinis at the open bar or b) you’re an eye-deal candidate for LASIK surgery!
Call Clear Vision Institute today!
Clear Vision Institute offers corrective LASIK eye surgery for patients looking to improve their quality of life by regaining or attaining near-perfect vision.
The institute offers an outpatient vision correction solution to help you lead a more trouble-free everyday life, eliminating the hassle associated with glasses and contacts.
The procedure is painless and recovery takes only a few days, without the need for bandages or stitches.
Clear Vision Institute is led by Dr. Bela Ambati, a general ophthalmologist and surgical specialist in cornea transplants, cataract extraction, and LASIK procedures.
Reshaping the cornea allows for the necessary refraction to improve your vision. The entire procedure at Clear Vision Institute typically takes about 20 minutes.
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