Steps, Principles & Guidelines To Promote Biblical Peace In The Church

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steps to biblical peace making & conflict resolution
amazon books:
Jan 19
Boise, Idaho USA
“…with the help of author Curtis Heffelfinger, comes the book The Peacemaking Church addressing conflict from a unique perspective.” from Amazon reviews
Timely For Today’s Conflicted World…”This book is a must read…keep peace and unity in the Church.”
“While tailored towards the church, the principles covered may be applied to other areas in society: home, business/work, politics, etc.”
“The book is written in a friendly, pastoral tone and is saturated with the author’s many years of experience…” The principles WILL lead to Peace.
“God bless you, brother, and may He allow your book to be a means of bringing unity to His church!” from 5 Star Reviews of “The Peace Making Church”


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