Structured Guide To Make Math Enjoyable For Students: Encourage Discussion & Provide Feedback

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Math is typically a detested subject; over 50% of students report disliking math, and 37% of students tend to struggle with it academically.
In Hacking Mathematics, experienced math teacher Denis Sheeran aims to help teachers dismantle the negative mindsets that students hold towards math.
Sheeran provides you with many unconventional teaching methods to make math a more engaging subject.
He notes that encouraging students to talk to each other will spur them to discuss solutions, ideas, and questions.
He says that you should also provide feedback where possible and replace the oft-used “show your work” with “explain your thinking” in math assignments.
By promoting active discussion and decreasing the need for memorization, you will be able to identify areas of struggle while helping your students connect with the material.
Hacking Mathematics was written with the intention of helping busy teachers overcome common challenges with practical, concrete solutions that have a basis in actual classrooms.
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