Teeth Whitening Dentistry In Fort Worth Announces Complimentary Zoom Dental Whitening

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Smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and the consumption of sugary or acidic foods can cause yellowing or stains.
If you live in Fort Worth and are looking for affordable teeth whitening and general dental services, ORA Dental has an unbeatable offer.
The teeth whitening dentistry in Fort Worth, TX performs complimentary Zoom teeth whitening procedures, saving you $499 in treatment costs.
Philips Zoom whitening is a clinically proven dental procedure that visibly whitens your teeth in a single sitting or over 3 sittings.
The treatment uses a patented whitening gel activated by a blue LED or ultraviolet light.
Dr. Salim and her team of dental professionals recommend Zoom teeth whitening over other procedures because it is safer, quicker, and more effective.
ORA Dental is a premier general dentistry in Fort Worth offering periodic dental exams, Invisalign, fillings, root canal therapy, and other services.
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