The Definition Of “NxGen”: Syncronicity of Active-Stillness

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NxGen: The Syncronicity Of ‘Active Stillness’
Retreat from the world. Quiet your mind. Listen to your inner-voice of silence. Be still, learn truth & get ANSWERS!
New Choices
In stillness, you see new opportunity. New ways to re-purpose, create value, contribute & make a difference. You DECIDE!
Kairos Time
Chronos time is linear & measurable. Kairos is an appropriate or opportune time. Patiently ‘align stars’ using BOTH!
The past or the future don’t exist…only this ‘moment’. Find freedom, power & joy living & creating in the NOW!
Life Path #1
In certain cultures, ‘nxgen’ means a #1 Life Path…one who pioneers, innovates, adapts & leads. Create outside the BOX!
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