The ridesharing solution for a post COVID-19 World, RideConnect

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Ridesharing platform RideConnect from its inception sought to answer a simple question, “How can I get cheap, affordable,consistent and safe rides fro
As RideConnect’s CEO and Founder Santosh Krishnan stated, “The intent is to enable the rider to selectively allow drivers into their network so that t
“With these features, riders have the power to only get rides with trusted drivers and can even insist that these drivers pass certain background chec
RideConnect, amongst many other value added features, allows for riders to choose their drivers, schedule their rides beforehand and on a regular basi
Given travelers and commuters all over the world’s need to find low cost alternatives to subway rides and mass transit, RideConnect’s ability to allow
RideConnect decentralizes the ride share experience for both riders and drivers while allowing everyone to have a safer ridesharing experience..
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