This Book Teaches High Point Residents To Grow Plants For Monarch Butterflies

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While save the bees has been getting all the press, another of America’s most precious natural pollinators, the monarch butterfly, has been facing endangerment. 
That’s why Jeanne Megel, a passionate conservationist and biologist, is partnering with one of North Carolina’s premier butterfly awareness and education institutions. 
All-A-Flutter Farms is now selling Megel’s new guide book, called ‘Raise Healthy Monarchs At Home,’ so that you can start protecting the butterfly today.  
Megel is spearheading the conservation of the monarch butterfly in America, and she now personally raises around 500 healthy monarch butterflies annually. 
In the book, Megel translates her wisdom and experience into easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions on how you can raise monarch butterflies at home.
With the book, she hopes that gardeners throughout North Carolina like yourself will be able to bolster the population of the butterfly.
As an agritourism educational center devoted to the conservation and habitat restoration of the monarch butterfly, All-A-Flutter Farms is proud to now be offering the book.
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