This Clinic Offers Ketamine Infusions For TRD, Postpartum Depression & Anxiety In Burlingame

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Did you know that a large percentage of people suffering from depression either never get relief from antidepressants, or quit taking them because of the side effects?
Soft Reboot Wellness has a new, safe alternative, that’s been proven effective at helping even the most treatment-resistant mental health conditions.
They use IV ketamine and highly personalized treatment plans to help clients with major depression, treatment-resistant depression, postpartum, PTSD, OCD, and more.
Antidepressants can often take 30 days or more to become fully effective, and in many cases they still fail to show results.
Research shows that ketamine infusions have been able to reduce major depression symptoms by as much as 50%, in only 24 hours.
Ketamine is also known for having fewer and less intense side effects than standard antidepressants, which rarely last longer than a few hours.
The clinic was founded by Dr. Sara Herman, a Harvard-trained and board-certified anesthesiologist, who personally administers and monitors all ketamine treatments at the clinic.
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