This Reusable Heat Back Wrap Relieves Muscle Tightness For High-Performance Athletes

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Cool Relief LLC provides USA-made hot and cold therapy products for high-performance athletes, soccer players, injuries, post-surgery rehabilitation, and more.
Whether you’re suffering from an athletic injury, back pain, muscle strain, or you overdid it in the gym, the back heat wrap will bring you the soothing support you need!
The reusable soft gel pack provides both hot and cold therapy using the newest technology to reduce inflammation and relieve pain and muscle tension.
The gel within the pack fits around your entire lower back and stays pliable when frozen. The pack is latex-free and the gel is non-toxic.
The neoprene lower back compression belt provides additional postural support and can reduce pain caused by back problems, injuries, and muscle strains.
Other products can be used to support the treatment of joint conditions and during post-surgery recovery from procedures including knee arthroscopies and joint replacements.
Cool Relief LLC’s trusted products have been used by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and trainers, and are supplied directly to hospitals and medical centers.
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