Timeless Evolution Offers The Best Diode Laser & Aesthetic Courses For Burbank Practices

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Timeless Evolution offers diode laser hair removal technology and other medical treatment systems for cosmetic procedures to licensed medical professionals.
Now you can meet the needs of your patients who want effective and permanent hair removal treatment.
Diode laser hair treatments offer the latest in laser hair removal technology and improved comfort for patients during their procedure.
Timeless Evolution’s diode laser platform features a triple wavelength laser. This triple wavelength action allows the laser to more effectively inhibit hair growth.
As longer wavelengths penetrate deeper into the hair follicle, shorter wavelengths provide higher energy absorption and heat to destroy the hair follicle.
They also offer educational resources on the proper usage of the machine and patient care during the procedure, ensuring you give your patients effective and lasting results.
Additionally, the company offers other medical treatment systems such as fractional CO2 lasers, RF microneedling machines, and aquafacial systems.
Go to timeless-evolution.com to find out more!


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