Titanium Recovery Plate For Seed Phrase Cryptotag Zeus Is Compatible With Trezor & Ledger

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If you’re still writing down your seed phrases on flimsy paper or using some other weird methods to keep them safe, you need to up your game!
Your seed phrase is the most important thing you absolutely MUST protect and no one does it better than Cryptotag Zeus.
I’m not exaggerating, it’s a premium recovery seed backup tool. It’s made of bulletproof titanium so you get maximum protection and durability.
It’s virtually indestructible and it’s compatible with popular hardware wallets such as Trezor, Ledger, and KeepKey.
This thing is only slightly larger than a credit card, which is really convenient. And you can easily engrave it with an automatic center punch device.
Plus, with a conversion sheet, you can record your recovery seed phrase in five to ten minutes.
The Zues can hold up to 24 BIP39 recovery seed phrase words – top-notch level of encryption.
Check out thecryptomerchant.com!


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