Tony J. Selimi Offers Coaching Retreat For High Achievers Seeking Clarity, Confidence & Certainty

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Tony J. Selimi is a world-renowned author, mentor, and speaker, who specializes in personal growth and maximizing human potential – and he knows the secret fears of high achievers.
His five-day intensive retreat, Vital Planning for Elevated Living, is a unique and transformational growth experience that will bring you closer to the life you dream of having.
The new program was designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other high achievers who would like to gain clarity and focus on the path to achieving their goals.
The retreat takes place in exotic locations around the world or in the privacy of your home, yacht or private jet, allowing you to recharge and reflect without daily distractions.
It includes daily breakthrough coaching sessions, education and training, swimming, yoga or pilates classes, meditation, and other recreational activities.
During Tony’s one-to-one coaching sessions, you will learn advanced growth-focused tools and will create a life purpose statement and a blueprint for your desired life outcomes.
Tony will also teach you his proprietary techniques which will help you to get the clarity, confidence, plan and strategy you need to improve all the key aspects of your life.
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