Top Social Media Trends 2019 – Social Media Trends for Your 2019 Social Media Strategy

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Social Media Trends for Business in 2019
1. Augmented reality – This is already in place even though it is still in small scale.
One of the best examples is the facial filters that are quite popular on Snapchat.
2. Generation Z – This is a generation that was surrounded by technology at birth.
It is this fact that makes them a great fit for social media marketing.
3. Chatbot and apps – Ability to get in touch with the business & start a conversation.
A good example is Facebook messenger which is very popular.
4. Live streaming – Streaming media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time.
Gives the customers a more personalized experience.
5. Influencer marketing – Using individuals who have influence over potential customers.
An influencer is usually someone who has a large following on Social media.
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