Top Spotify Track Pitching & Promotion From Playlist Plugger Can Help You Build Listeners & Streams

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Getting your music heard is easier said than done, with so many artists now easily able to upload their tracks online. But it’s simpler than you might think to build your audience.
Playlist Plugger provides musicians, bands, and independent artists with an effective way to improve their listener rates and followers on Spotify.
The company pitches your song to Spotify’s playlist curators for inclusion on the platform’s popular playlists.
You can start small with a Basic Playlist Plan of up to 5k streams of your track, 3 to 5 playlist positions, and an audience reach of between 35k and 50k.
The largest package available offers between 88 and 104 playlist positions, an audience reach of 2 to 3 million, and approximately 3000k streams.
The promotion service carries out an assessment on every track before accepting it, as there are criteria a track must meet to be considered suitable.
Once accepted, your track is pitched to Spotify playlist curators and thousands of playlists, and you’ll be informed which playlists your track appears on.
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