Trusted Orthodontist In Lakewood, CO Offers Painless Damon Braces to Straighten Teeth

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Here’s something TikTok trends won’t tell you.
Braces can Hurt
Traditional braces hurt like BLEEPing BLEEP!
Metal Mouth?
After all, they don’t call you “metal mouth” as a compliment.
Only The Best
Here at Duryea Orthodontics, we keep ourselves updated on the latest technologies to make orthodontics a little less scary and a little more efficient.
Damon Braces
That’s why we’re introducing Damon Braces that straighten your teeth faster without you having to visit us every few weeks.
Easier to Wear
Unlike traditional braces that use brackets and wires that are adjusted with elastics, Damon Braces are self-ligating.
Comfy Fit
This reduces the pressure needed to move teeth and allows them to adjust more naturally into alignment.
Less Visits
Damon Braces are constantly adjusting, which reduces the number of orthodontic visits you need.
Less Plaque
Due to its minimalist, elastic-free design, Damon Braces also attract less plaque and make brushing easier.
Clear Option
We offer Damon Braces in clear brackets if you want to adjust your teeth discreetly.
Schedule an Appointment
Interested? Book an appointment with us through our website.
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