Truxton Circle, DC Pediatric Dentist Prevents Airway Difficulties & Digestive Issues With Frenectomy

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If your child experiences difficulties with breastfeeding or has speech problems, then maybe they have a lip tie or tongue tie.
Your little one needs to have a frenectomy, a procedure that modifies the frenum with the help of a pinpoint laser.
At Children’s Choice Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, the dentist will release the frenum with a concentrated beam of light that will also sterilize the area being treated.
The procedure lasts only for a few minutes and is completely painless. In fact, you may also see your baby sleep through the entire procedure!
The laser also immediately cauterizes the wound, which hastens the healing process.
You can immediately start breastfeeding your child after the treatment.
A frenectomy would encourage more effective and comfortable feeding, limit pain, and help you achieve effective bonding with your baby.
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