US Online Freestanding Tub Retailer Sells Clawfoot Style & Solid Cedar Wood Variants

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What better way to end your day than to soak your stress away in a bathtub? If you’re in the market for a new one, American Bath Store has two excellent options for you!
The online retailer now offers you a clawfoot acrylic soaking tub and a cedar wood bathtub with a bench.
These two options have a classic look, but come with all the features you’d expect of a modern tub.
Both bathtubs have stylish designs and space-saving profiles, easily fitting into any bathroom.
Either option works with a wall or floor water outlet, allowing you to quickly fill the tub.
The clawfoot tub is made with heavy-duty acrylic and galvanized steel for durability. It has a curved back that allows you to comfortably recline, similar to spas.
Meanwhile, the cedar wood tub has a height of 26 inches, making it suitable for deep soaking.
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