US Utility Negotiators Help Small Business & Homeowners Get Lower Utility Bill Rates & Save Money

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Do you know you’re likely overpaying on your monthly utility bills?
Obahn Marketing has introduced BillSaver, an automated system that ensures you are paying the lowest amount possible on your monthly utility bills.
There is no upfront cost linked to the use of this service and any bill savings obtained are split equally. 
BillSaver was created for home and business owners that don’t have the time nor motivation to contact utility companies repeatedly.
The sole purpose of all negotiations is to reduce the cost of the goods or services provided to a client.
BillSaver has been able to save thousands of customers a collective amount in excess of $ 14 million.
Service deals with a range of different providers including cable, internet, mobile, pest, satellite radio, & security, including 29 deregulated electrical & gas utility states.

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