West Orange Organic Cosmetics Brand Ecco Bella’s Pollinator Garden Protects Endangered Species

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Ecco Bella has developed a range of vegan-friendly, plant-based beauty products and consumables but its passion for environmental causes doesn’t stop there.
The company runs its own in-house pollinator garden and it’s just been added to the Homegrown National Park map of private biodiversity growing centers.
The move reflects Ecco Bella’s commitment to sustainability, the preservation of native species, and its significant contribution to the fight against climate change.
The pollinator garden originated in 2017 with some 3000 seedlings and 100 varieties of plants.
The project produces an excess of native shrubs, flowers, and plants which are auctioned off to local residents in support of the environmental group Our Green West Orange.
A rich bed of pollinator plants, such as milkweed, rattlesnake master, great blue lobelia, and golden rod, attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.
Read the Ecco Bella blog for more updates on the work the company is doing in support of climate initiatives.
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