Windsor Bank Alternative Offers Low-Rate CDN To USD Trades With Online Booking For Foreign Students

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As you already know, banks love to over-charge for pretty much everything – and exchange rates are not different.
Luckily, you now have more options! CanAm Currency Exchange is your cost-effective bank alternative for CDN to USD trades – or whatever it is you need to exchange.
CanAm offers 2.25% lower rates than banks.
How do they do it? Well, the company stays on top of current bank exchange rates and leverages bulk purchases, passing the savings on to you.
And, the best part is, if anyone ever offers you a better rate, CanAm guarantees to beat it!
You can book a trade over the phone or online – but if you’re in Windsor, you can also come by the office. The friendly staff will be happy to help with anything you need.
Once your trade is booked, the rate is locked & your funds are converted at the agreed-upon rate. All transactions are processed within 1 business day with no transfer charges.
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