Yonkers Bridal Fashion Label Offers Modern Wedding Jumpsuits & Overskirts

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Are you looking for modern bridal couture? Lotus Threads in Yonkers has the two-in-one bridal looks that take you straight from the ceremony to the dance floor.
The wedding gown store can offer you unprecedented versatile dresses, including overskirts that create the appearance of a formal gown over a tailored, modern jumpsuit.
Innovating the “two looks in one dress” trend, Lotus Threads can help you maximize your wedding budget.
Inspired by Greek mythology, the design of the Electra jumpsuit evokes the image of the goddess, with modern updates in its plunging neckline, beaded belt, and sheer pant legs.
You can wear the two-piece, coordinated set as a conventional gown during your ceremony, while presenting more contemporary bridal fashion during the evening.
Similarly, you can hook the Audrey skirt onto many of the pieces in the Evolution Collection, elevating a knee-length dress with Chantilly lace, a tulle overlay, and beading.
Lotus Threads’ designs have been influenced by New York fashion, both old and new, with the aim of creating timeless pieces that you can adapt and wear time and again.
Go to lotusthreads.com to find out more!


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