Aromatherapy Specialist Issues New DIY First Aid Guide On Essential Oils For Burns, Blisters & Pain

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To some of you, aromatherapy just doesn’t make any frankincense, but think about it: drugs come from plants.
And we all use aloe vera casually for sunburns, so take a look at this guide by Loving Essential Oils!
The report details how to augment First Aid kits with ten essential oils effective at treating a range of ailments and minor illnesses.
The oils, which you can place in mini vials, are intended to supplement your kit’s usual range of bandaids, gauze, wraps, and thermometers.
There are almost 100 commonly used essential oil products, each with its own potential health benefits – but some of which have been more extensively studied than others.
Loving Essential Oils’ guide stipulates that lavender, for example, is like the “swiss army knife” of essential oils because it can help treat a range of conditions.
In fact, there is growing scientific evidence that lavender – for example – has anticonvulsive, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.
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