Loving Essential Oils Is The Trusted Source For Fruity Aromatherapy Diffuser Blend Recipes

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There’s a reason why citrus fruits lead the way in fruit-scented essential oil recipes – after all, they never run out of juice!
Find out which fruity blends are right for you with this Loving Essential Oils guide!
The guide is the latest in a series of essential oil reports and DIY diffuser blend recipes by certified aromatherapist Jennifer Lane.
Loving Essential Oils serves as Lane’s ongoing resource with regular additions on the subject of homemade essential oils.
This guide is written to showcase a variety of fruity blends and their proposed role in your wellness-based lifestyle.
Jennifer Lane sets out to highlight many essential oil blends as well as benefits that they are commonly thought to have.
As an example, she notes that mandarin essential oil has often been associated with calming effects as well as improved skin health.
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