Boost Your Confidence And Power Dress For Zoom With These Statement Earrings

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Have your lockdown fashion habits changed? Do you want to wear statement earrings that stand out on Zoom or will not snag on your mask?
Stud earrings are suited to you if you are wearing a mask as they are less likely to get caught or snag on the ear straps.
Long, dangly, statement or hoop earrings are ideal for your Zoom meetings, catch ups, and parties.
Power earrings can help you dress for online business meetings, while extravagant playful earrings can help you to express your party mood from home.
For a limited time, you can save as Gurhan New York is offering a once-in-a-lifetime sale – after Labor Day until the end of September!
In case you are wondering, mask earrings don’t have to be boring. They can be a burst of color or bold gold.
Gurhan’s earring collection is as versatile as you are, and offers you an array of colors, styles, and looks.
Find your next favorite pair of zoom or mask earrings by visiting today! Take advantage of our Sale during September.


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