Broadcast Public Relations Expert Helps You Get Seen On TV Via Interviews To Build Brand Awareness

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Did you know that there’s a thing called earned media? And it pretty much does what it says on the tin – it gives you TV time for free because you’ve earned it!
With TenXPR, you can get sceen on TV!
Led by broadcast public relations expert Samantha Jacobson, the agency can pitch your story, products, and company to national, local, and streaming shows.
TenXPR helps you develop and maintain a strong reputation by building your brand awareness, credibility, and authority – all things potential customers want in a brand.
Whether you’re a CEO or a subject matter expert, TenXPR can pitch your story to its established network of media outlets. 
To book earned media segments, the TenXPR team will send out email pitches based on your talking points.
Are you ready for your appearance on Good Morning America, CBS Morning, The Today Show, and Bloomberg? Yes! Yes, you are! And if you have any doubts, TenXPR has got your back.
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