Choice Dock’s Happy Ears Wireless Headphone Headband Keeps Your Kids Happy & Comfy On The Move

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Struggling to keep your kids entertained on long journeys?  
Check out the animal-themed Happy Ears Wireless Headphone Headband!
It’s comfy, it’s soft, and it limits the volume to protect their little ears. Order yours from Choice Dock now!
The headband is made from a breathable fleece material with an ultra-thin adjustable set of headphones.
Bluetooth functionality makes it easy for you to connect wirelessly with any device without getting tangled up in cables.
The soft, foldable design makes it super easy to pack away while the soft material and circular shape mean that the headband can also double as a sleep mask.
Keep your kids smilin’ with Happy Ears!
Click the link in the description for more details.


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