Reduce Inflammation & Swelling After A Knee Injury With This Durable Medical-Grade Ice Pack

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You probably know that knee ice wraps are effective at reducing pain and swelling caused by tendonitis, cartilage tears, sprains, and bursitis.
Cool Relief, a US-based supplier of medical-grade cooling products, offers you its Soft Gel Hot/Cold Pack for Knee. 
This versatile and reusable wrap can be used for both cryotherapy and heat application.
Ice application can help in the case of acute knee injuries.
Cold causes your blood vessels to narrow, decreasing blood flow to the affected area and reducing inflammation and swelling. 
The set includes a washable soft fleece knee wrap and a reusable soft gel ice pack. You can also purchase additional replacement gel ice pack inserts.
The pack contains non-toxic lightweight gel that does not harden when frozen, making it flexible and easy to adjust.
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