Discover Ukraine’s Spiritual History With This New Book Of Slavic Lore & Legend

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Follow expert witch Madame Pamita on a delightful exploration of folklore, ancient rituals and forgotten crafts with Parlour Of Wonders’ latest book!
This is a beautifully crafted retelling of the traditional fairy tale, ‘Vasilisa the Beautiful’, that will transport you deep in to the magical woods of Ukraine.
This new title offers you an insight into Ukraine’s mystical culture and spirituality.
It combines history and legend for a fascinating read.
The book offers easy-to-understand guides for creating authentic Slavic crafts and talismans. These include Ukrainian folk embroidery, magical poppets and wreaths woven with herbs.
POW is an online emporium offering spiritual coaching, instructional videos and an expansive range of homeware, tools and self-care items for all of your magical needs.
With this release, Parlour Of Wonders continues to expand its line of mystical books, using Madame Pamita’s teachings to help you live more intentionally.
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