Expert Humanitarian And Health Expert Provides Personal & Business Consultations To Achieve Goals

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Dr. Erika Wichro will give you the personalized advice and strategy you need to reach your goals.
As a public health expert and humanitarian, she aims to help you achieve your goals through personal growth.
Dr. Erika Wichro is a medical doctor and public health worker with decades of experience. As a humanitarian, she has worked in disaster relief, education, and human rights.
She has received numerous awards for her work including Top International Public Health Expert 2020 and Top Humanitarian 2022.
Businesses, organizations, and individuals can receive tailored advice from Dr. Wichro on topics such as health, leadership, problem-solving, and business development.
Dr. Wichro works with each client to develop a tailored plan with specific milestones and regular communication via telephone, Zoom, or email throughout the process.
She applies her knowledge and experience of goal-setting on a global scale to help you achieve your personal or business goals through everyday action and constant growth.
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