Get Leadership Training for Crisis Management From Top International Public Health Expert

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Build a stronger community that is capable of making it through even the most difficult challenges with Dr. Erika Wichro!
The medical doctor and International Public Health Expert offers leadership training and crisis management to companies or small communities.
Her consultancy services will help you find the root cause of your company’s or community’s conflict and resolve them from within.
Dr. Wichro has 25 years of interdisciplinary experience in different fields like medical research and global crisis management.
She has created an effective peacebuilding formula that works even in smaller settings like companies and local communities.
Dr Wichro believes that the effort to create and maintain peace should be done not only when conflict has come to a head, but long beforehand.
She highlights that the root cause of problems needs to be addressed first and stakeholders must work together to create peace at different levels.
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