Get Energy Efficiency Solutions To Reduce Your School’s HVAC Costs With This Delavan Co.

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Did you know most school building HVAC systems waste money cooling the institution? As much as 1 of every 3 dollars spent on energy costs will go to your HVAC’s cooling function.
If you’re in charge of your school or university budget, this presents a huge savings opportunity. And Onsite Utility Services Capital can help.
Onsite Utility Services Capital will solve your energy challenges with ESaaS – energy savings as a service, and no upfront charges.
Turnkey HVAC solutions provided by Onsite Utility Services Capital help schools and colleges anywhere in the country bring down expenditures without investing in new equipment.
The company brings together vendors, service providers, end users and capital resources that allow you to save on utility upgrades.
Considering your school is in operation at least 10 hours per day, if you have an outdated or inefficient HVAC system, it’s consuming massive amounts of energy.
Through our ESaaS program, your school or university facility can receive a full energy upgrade – both services and installations – without investing any of your own capital.
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