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Voluminous research in the past few years has proved the truth about the remarkable health benefits of the Sun. Why haven’t you read these Headlines?
While sun exposure has DEcreased by 90%, the risk of melanoma has INcreased by 3,000%. How can anyone believe sun exposure causes melanoma?
As in the US, while sun exposure in Europe has profoundly decreased, there has been a spectacular increase in melanoma.
Women who completely avoid the sun have an increased risk of breast cancer of 1,000%, compared to those regularly exposed to the sun
Stop living in the dark! Read “Embrace the Sun” if you want to improve your health, extend your life and lighten your mood!
New book: “Embrace the Sun”
Twitter: @thetanningguru
Authors: Marc B. Sorenson & William B. Grant
Dec 1
Moscow, Russia


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