“The Dark Horse” Weighs in on Civil Unrest and The Global Pandemic – Al Bartell For U.S. Senate

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In this compelling podcast, Al Bartell aka “The Dark Horse” weighs in on Current Civil Unrest, The Global Pandemic & The Growth Strategy To Recovery.
One of the most explorative topics discussed during the podcast is Bartell’s Growth Strategy To Recovery for Small Business Owners
Bartell discusses having urban, suburban, & rural communities establish a defined set of practices to encourage & sustain small business development.
“When the pandemic hit, nothing was in place, viewed by Business Management Government theory as unnecessary. It’s taking its toll on the people”
The glaring impact of civil unrest has been devastating: the breaking of windows, burning of buildings, and the looting of small businesses.
We must have the commitment of government, & investment by the philanthropic community, to create more Small Business Development Centers in America.
Small Business Development Centers will sustain and empower entrepreneurs, small business owners, and people who want to make money from their craft.

Listen Now: go.sagrant.com/albartell


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