Allergic Reaction After Knee Replacement Surgery Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options

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Many people develop sensitivity to Metal Parts in Knee Replacements
Allergic reaction to metal knee replacement implants include, redness, swelling, itching and irritation around scars.
Knee replacement is usually very successful; most people who have a knee replacement for severe knee arthritis or years of use are satisfied with the surgery.
However, not everyone loves their new knee. In fact, about 10-15 percent of people who get a knee replacement are not happy with their results.
Any metal that comes into contact with the body, either through the skin or embedded within your body, causes some degree of metal corrosion.
This corrosion leads to the formation of metal ions that can react with proteins in your body and can lead to an allergic reaction.
The most common metal ions found in knee replacement implants that can cause hypersensitivity include nickel, cobalt, and chromium.
If you have an allergic reaction, doctors usually send you to an allergist to perform a prick test on your skin or a blood test.
If the test is positive, doctors usually recommend you have another surgery to remove the metal joint and replace it with another material.
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