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Vibrant Health – Personal Chef & Nutrition Consulting
Guide your diet choices with the power of a nutritional panel derived from your own body. The ‘best diet’ for your needs will reveal itself.
Support your body where your tests show it is weak – rather than having to try to use your intuition and just hoping for the best.
The results can be amazing. I won’t say they will give you all the energy that a puppy has, but they can move you in that direction!
I had all sorts of ideas about what I needed to do, but was amazed by what my blood panel actually showed me. My thinking was shifted by the new data
As a result, I was able to lose weight, finally, reduce the symptoms of a host of issues including anxiety which was a real problem for me over years.
There is no perfect diet for anyone, only a perfect diet for a given person based on the needs of their body at any given time.
Analyzing the blood test results can give us a clear base from which to build our health without having to resort to hit or miss diet fad tactics.
Previously, I thought I was eating the ‘healthiest’ foods available – but I still struggled with weight, depression and the worst part was anxiety
The clarity I gained through testing saved me so much confusion and wasted time as I could see exactly which of my systems needed the most support.
My success was all the encouragement I needed to start offering Nutrition Counseling services to my personal chef clients. Leaving anxiety behind!
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